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The Kataang 100 Challenge Community

Katara x Aang

Kataang 100
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Aang x Katara fanfiction

Welcome to kataang100, the Kataang fanfic challenge community dedicated to the wonderful pairing, Aang x Katara.



Important Links



What is Kataang?
Kataang, or Katara x Aang, is a couple from Avatar: The Last Airbender. For more info about the show, check out Avatar Spirit.net.

What do the 100 themes mean?
- This community was inspired by tokka100. So it works very similarly to it. The only difference is this community has a Kataang slant. The themes are used for a starting point to write your fics.

What are the guidelines?
- It must be Kataang. You may use the other characters in the series, but it has to come down to Kataang at some point. You have to use the themes provided. You may interpret the themes anyway you like. However, mentioning it in passing is not the same as basing the fic on it. Please don't reuse old fics and label them to fit the themes. This community is here to generate fresh fics. English only, please. The occasional word of Chinese or Japanese (in fitting with the story and setting), provided it comes with a translation ^_^

- Do I have to write the fics in order?

- Do I have to use all the themes?
No. However, please note that the purpose of this challenge community is to complete all 100 themes...that and you won't get a snazzy banner if you don't complete them. :D

- Can I use a theme more than once?
Yes, but please note that each theme only counts once.

- Can I use more than one theme per fic?
No. You can only use one (1) theme per fic.

- Can I post fanart here?
As long as a story is with it, I don't care. But try not to post art with every story you write okay ^_^.

What's the format for fics?
- lj-cut and fake cuts are your friends. Make sure you put proper ratings and warnings if you fic (or art) contains explicit materials. Please put all header information above the cut. Here's a suggested format:

And Tags?
- Simply tag your post with your username, the number, and theme. If there is art in your post, please add the tag "art:[username]".

And when I'm finished?
- You'll (eventually) get a banner to display...and you can write again if you like ^_^.

.::The Themes::.

001.Color 002.Wind 003.Change 004.Chance 005.Someday
006.Walk 007.Fly 008.Believe 009.Sorrow 010.Comfort
011.You and Me 012.Dream 013.Tear (cry) 014.Clouds 015.Rain
016.Parents 017.Secrets 018.Silence 019.Fall 020.Winter
021.Tea 022.Wise 023.Flowers 024.Paper 025.For Keeps
026.Fight 027.Sun 028.Gone 029.Wish 030.Moon
031.Something Better 032.Follow 033.Leader 034.Soon 035.Bed
036.Tomorrow 037.Apologize 038.Jealousy 039.Crush 040.(Dirty) Dancing
041.Pain 042.Road 043.How High 044.Beauty 045.Admit
046.Lost 047.Forgiveness 048.(Don't) Let Go 049.Natural 050.Stay
051.Lonely 052.Time 053.Protect 054.Between 055.Future
056.Again 057.Kiss 058.Tired 059.Days 060.Ahead
061.Behind 062.Eyes 063.Hide 064.Games 065.(In My) Arms
066.Remember 067.Imagine 068.Carry me with you 069.Worth (it) 070.Casual
071.Have it all 072.Sunrise 073.Friends 074.Start 075.Finish
076.Stand 077.Tall 078.Real 079.Truth 080.Reflection
081.Water 082.Heal 083.wound 084.Breath In 085.Burn
086.She 087.Wait 088.Ring 089.Circle 090.Flow
091.Stability 092.Life time 093.One 094.Sense 095.For You
096.Deeper 097.Love 098.Write 099.Letter 100.Promise

And for you:

Remember to have fun ^_^. There is no deadline. So write and post at your leisure.